: Create low cost website and outsourcing

Who are we ?

We are a website designer and developer company which propose an inexpensive service for all kind of developments. Installed in Asia for 5 years and mainly specialized in the creation of Web sites as a subcontractor or for all new projects creations . We work mainly with all kind of company needing a low cost website. This is for this reason which we decided to settle in Asia.

How can we be less expensive than the others for an equal quality of service?

We are a society based in Hong-Kong. Our team is made up mainly with Eurpoeen engineers. This mixed one of geographical positioning, advantageous taxation, low salary cost, and the use of free software enable us to offer to you an high quality of services (all the codes are checked by our Europeen engineers, use of free software already tested and recognized in the world,…) for a price you can afford.

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